For The 17.5%

Good Morning Step parents, Parents, and Family, Today I am going to talk about the one out of six women who in 2014 did not receive custody of their children. The 17.5 percent of mothers who lost primary custody to the children’s father.[1] Most of these fathers are and suffer from Narcissistic personality disorder. They … Continue reading For The 17.5%

Tribbles and Locutus

Good Morning Tori and Xander, How has your school week been so far?  I hope it has been going really well. I have learned a lot of the past year and two months. I have learned that God allows for pain to occur so we can learn to appreciate the small joys he has given … Continue reading Tribbles and Locutus

Disney Fails Us

Good Morning Step-parents and Parents, Welcome to the middle of the week.  Today is the one year anniversary of us finally setting the child support office straight about us having to sign our rights away. May God’s will be done. I have published my new podcasts and it is now available on Itunes. You can … Continue reading Disney Fails Us

Five Little Ducks

Good Morning Tori and Xander, I hope this letter finds you well. Did you have a good day back from vacation at school?  Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I found pictures of our last thanksgiving together. It made me smile. I also found a song that made me think of the two of you … Continue reading Five Little Ducks

Battle Scars On Our Children

Good Morning Grieving Stepparents and Parents, Thank goodness it is Monday again.  Back to a normal work week. Today I am going to talk about the coping aspects children exhibit when they go through a high conflict divorce or have to deal with a HCBP. I think it is important since there is a rise … Continue reading Battle Scars On Our Children

Do This In Remembrance Of Me

Good Morning Everyone, With Black Friday gone we now are now head deep into the holiday season. Yet for many of us who are grieving stepparents or grieving parents, the concept of the Holiday season is just another day to walk alone. Yet when we really look at it, the holiday season was never meant … Continue reading Do This In Remembrance Of Me

Remain Strong and Be Like Joseph

Good Morning Grieving Step-Parents and Parents, I am starting to realize that there is more pain in the day after a holiday than the actual holiday itself. The day after the holiday it is hard going to social media and watch family photos celebrating thanksgiving. This year we made lots of progress getting our house … Continue reading Remain Strong and Be Like Joseph