Wintery Mix Is Coming

Hello World Wider Readers,

We hope you had a boring normal week.  This week the weather has been chilly.  Ben and I have went shopping this week for snack foods in preparation for the winter mix that is going to arriving on Monday. Some of my favorite snacks were bought, cracked pepper and olive oil triscuit, pepper jack cheese squares to put on the triscuits, and other items such as fruit and carrot sticks. Ben laughed when I could not find celery sticks at the grocery store.  He hates celery. We always agree to disagree in that discussion because I like making my ants on a log snack. Anyway, Ben has got the fire place ready to go for the cold weather and the blankets and hats are out for all to enjoy.

When we went to the grocery store on Thursday, people were mad rushing the shelves.  They remember snow apocalypse we went through a couple of years ago, so they were mad rush prepping.  I just giggled because its only ice we are expecting not two feet of snow.  I worked on Saturday helping with New Student Orientation.  We also had some last minute students wanting to register for classes on Tuesday.  It was exciting to see the students and help them get into their classes. Several students have been interested in our new programs for our Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Law Enforcement Academy, and bachelors degree program and cloud security. Ben has been taking some serious thought into using VA funds for the EMT classes because it would take a semester to complete.

A position in his office has opened up, his coworkers and him were talking about it on their break.  They decided him and two others of them want to apply for the position. I am excited he had some encouragement from his coworkers to apply.  They agree who ever gets the position, especially if its one of them that gets it, they would fully support. This position would be a good raise for anyone in the shop. I like that Ben’s coworkers work together for the betterment of the shop.  It’s definitely interesting to observe how various veterans from different branches work together to ensure the work gets completed.

Ben put in a request to make him a Jayne Cobb hat.  So after I finish my pair of socks I am working on, that is going to be my next project. Ben has been busy playing Call of Duty, WH40K, and BattleTech.  I have been working on my Animal Crossing island and playing Pokémon Scarlet. I decided to purchase the add on for the game, so I am looking forward to it. Since Ben and I both have Monday off and we are expecting ice on the roads, we have decided that day is going to be our snacks and game day.

We hope you all are staying warm and boring,

Love to you all and we will be publishing another podcast soon.

M & B


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