Boring Normal Week – 02/03/2024

Hello World Wide Readers,

It’s February. Can you believe it?  January was cold and wet.  I am hoping for more sunshine and warm weather this February. Ben had a good week. He got to talk to his brother again which was awesome. I am excited to see that relationship growing. Ben also been working with the VA to assist his dad to getting him some assistance. We came to find out his records had not been destroyed in the massive fire in 1973 so we have been able to get the work together to get him assistance at the VA. I began working on our genealogy tree again. I started over and rebuilt it.  I was able to find a cousin of Ben’s who has been working on his Dad’s family.  It was exciting to reach out and communicate with him and find out more about Ben’s grandfather on his dad’s side.

We learned allot about Ben’s family this week, not only is he part Nordic, but French, German, and English as well.  He get’s it from his Grandmother on his dad’s side of the tree. My aunt does our family genealogy so I connect with her to get my mom’s side of the family tree.  No one on my dad’s side of the family yet is doing it so I might have to just take the dive and start working on it.  Since my dad is the first born generation over from Sweden, it might be harder to find people.  I have to reach out to two more people on my dad’s side.  He has two cousins that may have done their side of the family which would make it easier to do my dads. So I am going to be keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a good tree together for reference for future generations. If your interested in genealogy  the Church of Latter Day Saints has excellent resources.  My aunt and cousin belong to the church.  She has been really helpful in helping me get records for the tree.  It’s pretty cool.

Work this week was busy.  My boss was out with COVID for the first time.  She was really upset she caught it. She is ok though and doctors have given her clearance to come back to work next week. We are all excited she is going to be coming back. Last weekend Ben and I went to a couple of my favorite yarn stores here in town.  I was able to find some yarn that were tucked away in clearance areas and rescue them.  They found a home with me and will be made into socks.  Like the yarn that is tucked into the back of the clearance rack, people are often discarded after the thrill of them has warn off. How we treat people impacts everyone. People aren’t always here forever, and when they are gone, they are gone. Life maybe complicated, but the real mentors and adults, should always be prepared to be the sherpa for going up the mountain.

Anyway, we hope you all have a wonderful boring week.  We love you all and will see you later in our next podcast. Stay safe!

And remember, the world is full of nice people, if you can not find one be one!


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