First Week of Spring Semester Complete

Hello World Wide Readers,

Hope your staying warm.  I always laugh when I say it’s spring semester but its 22 degrees outside. Ben and I had a good Martin Luther King day.  It was really cold so we decided to stay home. This week I am assisting in formatting and updating his resume for the team lead position at work.  This position I think he would be really successful especially with his skills or organization and being goal oriented. He will be applying for it tomorrow and then it is up to the department if they want to hire him. Either way it is always good to practice interviewing every couple of years so you do not loose practice on how to present yourself and ask questions.

Today I went up to the college to prepare for an event.  As a student was waiting outside in below freezing temperatures, I offered them to come into the building I was prepping until they noticed the building being open for students.  They were a literature student who has dreams of becoming an investigative reporter.  They were excited to be able to sit down in the building where it was warm. We as adults, often forget what it was like to be in our 20s trying to figure things out.  That is why I enjoy working at the college so much, sometimes they just need someone to listen, or just to talk about their dreams.

In my main building we have a secular table were a couple of work studies sit everyday welcoming people into the building. It was the first time I had seen them there since the beginning of winter break.  I introduced myself and ask about them. They were so excited to talk about their classes.  One of the students had a five hour biology class with lab combo.  They were so proud of themselves getting through the first class this week. I was excited too.  I have a part timer who also is doing calculus 1 again and another taking discrete math also know as logic. There were already stressed and worried.  All it takes is a smile and say take a mind break and come back.  I am sure you will be fine.

It does not take a lot to encourage a young adult.  We can not just expect them to understand what adult responsibilities are but we can smile encourage and listen. Anyway, it was nice to see students smiling and back on campus.  It is always better when they are here. This semester my staff will be in buildings once a week helping students with their questions. It’s important to always remember why we are here. Anyway, back to the boring normal life thing, Ben is going to be playing WH40k tonight and I am going to be knitting my socks.  Ben made his first casserole this week and did an amazing job. Ben was able to talk to his parents last weekend. My parents are doing well. Mom and Dad are both still working and having fun.

With it being sunny and moving towards February, Ben and I will be working in our garden again soon.  He will insist on produce and I will want things that smell good and that are pretty.  LOL the duality of our garden never fails to make me laugh.  So we are going to be starting to plant seeds soon.  I love getting my hands into some warm dirt.  There is something fun about being able to plant a seed and watch it grow. I know Ben is excited to do it this year again because he is already handing me the seed catalogs for the garden.

Anyway, other than that its been boring and normal around here.  Stay warm and if you have a 19 to 26 year old who you see is having a rough time, smile, introduce yourself and ask them about their dreams.



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