The End Of 2023

Hello World Wide Readers,

We thought we would do an end of year review and tomorrow do a goals for 2024.  We first want to say thank you to all our readers of our blog. We hope you love learning about our normal boring lives.  To often we see chaos online and in social media, Ben and I wanted to show, that it’s ok to be normal and boring. It’s a way of life that brings peace and calm. So lets get started with our year in review, we started the blog in February of this year. We had a goal to share with other’s that there are normal people out there that are happy.  We will be continuing to do this for years to come.

Ben this year was able to finally get his figurines painted for WH40K and started making friends at the local game stores.  He made the decision to play the game on Friday and Saturday nights.  He was really excited to read the series The End and the Death  – The Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra Book 8.  This is a three part book by Dan Abnett. He discovered his friends at the game store also played Battletech.  A game from his childhood, so he was able to start collecting those figurines as well and play that game.  His friends are veterans from various branches, who enjoy the strategic battle play these games provide.

Ben this year at work went well, he got a raise and was at the end of the year, was made a temporary work lead while the current work lead was out on assignment. His boss was really impressed with his work so if the job opens up, Ben is going to think about applying for it. Ben this year was able to focus on his attention to detail in organizing his office and work area in the house.  The label maker was out in full force.  If you know Ben, you know his love for label makers. I started a job, this year as a contractor and then moved to a new job. Ben also has begun to consider going back to school and getting a couple of certifications.  We have a program coming to our school for an EMT that can be obtained in a semester. It is to help support the growing need for medical personnel in the area. Ben is exploring that certification along with others.

We got our first lemons from our lemon tree this year.  I have been lucky enough to share the with my family.  Ben explored his culinary side, and was successful in several stews and casseroles.  He visited his parents a couple of times this year. We celebrated holidays with friends and family this year. Nothing to elaborate but just a normal positive experience. I was able to get Ben to start playing Pokémon Go.  It’s not really for him, but at least he understands now the type of games I enjoy playing. I also was able to complete my first crocheted blanket, several pairs of knitted socks, and several knitted hats. I like having clothing available for those that need it when it’s cold outside, so I keep a hat, scarf and pair of socks with me everywhere I go.

My parent’s did not get to see their grandchildren again this year.  However, they did get to have a couple of facetime conversations with them.  The grandchildren are now into Pokémon, which Mom is now relying on me to help her understand. According to my mother, my sister is still planning to teach in Germany and her husband is working on his second masters in renewable energy. He doesn’t really like being in Germany, but puts up with it because my sister is determined to stay there.

Anyway, the year was good. We were able to get a new vehicle, new job, new friends, and still remain boring and normal. We pray everyone has a blessed New Years eve. We will be back tomorrow with our 2024 goals.

We love and care for you all, our readers.


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