First Week Of January 2024 Complete

Hello World Wide Readers,

We hope you had a beautiful normal first week of 2024. Ben and I are now both back at work. It was nice to be back at work getting ready for the Spring 2024 semester. While I was still on vacation I worked on getting my Public Service Credit set up so I can have most of my school loans paid off.  I finished knitting my marron hat for the cold weather we are having in our area, and I have started a new pair of socks to knit.  Ben is finishing up a tool he has been building and is going to test it today.  He has been very busy working on it over the past couple of weeks so I am hoping it will be successful while it is being tested.

I got Ben a gift card to Half Price Books, so he has been working on getting books he wants to read ordered.  This weekend, Ben is going to go and play WH40K. This weekend I am going to work on the laundry, knitting my socks, and doing my normal weekend house activities.  I admit, I probably play a lot of Pokémon Go this weekend. I am trying to evolve Feebas so I have to walk a bit in order to get that accomplished along with having enough candies. So this weekend I am going to start that adventure.

Ben and I wished our parents a happy new year. We also wished our other friends and family happy new years as well. You can always reach out to Ben and I via our contact page here.

Other than that, its been a great week. Wish wish everyone the best normal boring week as you possibly can.  Stay warm and take pleasure in the boring.

Love and hugs to you all,

M & B


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