Welcome Peanut and Bubby

Peanut and Bubby, Hello Weekend Eve,

Xander, we hope you had a great week. We got flurries yesterday which was awesome. We hope you have an amazing weekend. Do you have any plans?  Did you start any new classes this half of the year? We got some Apple Cider for our Keurig.  Its awesome.  Especially when it’s cold.  Having warm cider.  We actually sometimes use them instead of doing coffee in the morning. If you decide to want to know our side of the story, we have all the paperwork from our FOIA request waiting for you. We also have all the documentation we ever used in the court. We know right now it may not be want you to see but we have it here for you and your sister when ever you want to discuss it.   We hope you are looking forward to graduation. We hope to send you a graduation gift at some point.  We love and miss you.  You are in our prayers . Hugs.

Peanut, we hope you had an amazing Thursday.  We hope your puppy and cats stay warm.  We are making sure ours do as well. Stay safe and warm this winter. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?  We hope your classes are going well.  We will keep you in our prayers.   We love and miss you both.  Please give Bubby a hug for us. Hugs

If either of you ever need any help or assistance please let us know.  We are here for you to ensure you are safe and have what you need to be successful in life and school. We hope you get to visit our Gnomes island someday. Please remember change can be scary but with the right mindset it is the beginning of the great new adventure.

If you would like to read our letters please reach out to your birth father via text, email, or messenger. You may also reach out to him via any of his game systems.  Once we have confirmed it is you, we will provide you access to the letters we have written you.

Hugs. –  Peanut and Bubby!

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