My Little Pony – Finding Joy

You know it is funny.  I grew up watching My Little Pony. It was the one thing I got and enjoyed doing with my step-children. I know often sit at work listening to My Little Pony songs.  It reminds us even as adults the importance of being a good friend to one another and we … Continue reading My Little Pony – Finding Joy

Favorite Photos

I think the most frustrating part of being a step-parent who does not have access to their step-children is the lack of family photos I have.  In my head I look at outdated photos wishing we had the opportunity to take a family photo like I wanted. Instead the closest thing I have is the … Continue reading Favorite Photos

The Health Of Our Children

As I have stated multiple times in this blog. 50% of American children will experience a divorce of their parents. Then half of those will likely see the breakup of a parent's second marriage. Of the 50% though, 1 out of every 10 are likely to see three or more divorces of their parents. Imagine … Continue reading The Health Of Our Children

How Others Will Judge Us Now And In The Future

Xander and Tori, It’s been 83 weeks and 3 days since we signed the paperwork to give you want you and your mom wanted. Your dad and I have been busy.  We decided to join a local gym here in town. I go after work every day except for Mondays and Thursdays because of other … Continue reading How Others Will Judge Us Now And In The Future

Loss Of A Daughter

Hello, Ok so the purpose of this blog today is to talk about the unnatural grief cycle some women take when they experience the loss of a child. The loss of a child is horrible. It not only impacts the mother but the father is well. Women will often take responsibility for the loss of … Continue reading Loss Of A Daughter

Burying My Five Year Old Self Today

I buried my five year old  self today. That part of me that loved to laugh and make corny jokes. The part of me that was best friend with my stepdaughter. We used to tell each other jokes in the car annoying her brother and dad. I never forget the first joke we told each … Continue reading Burying My Five Year Old Self Today


Dear Tori and Xander, Sorry it has been so long since I have written.  I wanted to let you know I put your Dad’s good bye video to you guys up on the videos web page because with Youtube being kinda crazy I figured it would at least be safe up here for you to … Continue reading 3817

Grandparents Saving Our Society Today

2.7 million of the 80 million grandparents that are raising their grandchildren are responsible for most of the basic needs of the children living with them.[1] Over 50% of these 80 Million grandparents talk with their grandchildren about problems they are having as well as instilling morals and values, and religion or spirituality within these … Continue reading Grandparents Saving Our Society Today

Somebody I Used To Know – Midlife Crisis

Welcome Tuesday and Hello Readers, My apologies for not getting a podcast out in the last week and a half. It’s been really busy lately and by the time the weekend comes it’s hard to get up and do my fun activities. Since it is going to be a three day weekend I am hoping … Continue reading Somebody I Used To Know – Midlife Crisis