04/13/2024 – This Week

Hello and Welcome,

We hope you had a wonderful Boring Normal Life kind of week this week.


I woke up to X alerts on my phone again this morning,  All posting aggressive negative things. I think it maybe just me but I remember when while we might have disagreed about something, we would just walk away knowing the other point of view respectfully but not result into temper tantrums for the entire platform to see.  This is NOT HOW REAL ADULTS act in the civilized world. X has become like the recording of a lot of peoples inner monologue. It reminds me of the movie, What Women Want. It’s interesting to study, not interesting enough though to be invested in.


Anyway, this week has been productive, we had some of our pea plants sprout roots so we planted those today outside. Also had a pawpaw germinate.  I am not sure it will take but with a little faith anything is possible.  We could not tell if the tomatoes or carrots took but I am planting some just in case.  It’s hard to tell with the seeds being so small. Pea plants require a trellises of some kind so we decided to use colorful straws to get them started. We had a blast.  We used a foldable table to put the starter pots on.  We had to move my tree to outside the deck which is fine.  It will start to acclimate to outside sun more which is what we need it to do.  In the midst of moving it.  We found one of my cactuses had grown in an plant I had not intended it to.  So we moved it up to the corner with the other cacti.


Work is going well.  Ben has been very busy and is exhausted.  I am glad I have been getting better, we were able to have my dad’s neighbor come over and do some yard work for us and I reorganized the kitchen to make it more efficient.  Today’s goal is to go out and find a stove. We need a new one and I figure we can go and pick one out and get it. This coming week I am thinking besides sandwiches I might sneak some basic pasta with some add ins like tomatoes, garlic, and mushrooms or something.  I think it will be great to have as a cool dish. I saw it on Good Eats and so I have been inspired by that. We had thunderstorms on Monday night which upset Nova pretty bad.  As you can tell though, she has gotten over it and is now doing amazing work lol protecting the neighborhood from squirrels.

On Monday, we had the solar eclipse.  The college put on a big event. I was even given unicorn ears by one of the VPs to wear.  We were the pink unicorn gang.  LOL.  It was fun to be there and work with the community.  We all had a really good time. The rest of the week was calm and full of prep work for the summer semester ahead.  We are replacing several classrooms with new pcs and also working on replacing all of our laptop carts that are used in the classrooms by professors.  Next week is going to be fun.  I am working with a committee to hire a new full time faculty member for gaming. We also are going to start prepping our golf cart for the littlest fiesta parade. So we have a lot going on but its all positive and fun.

We hope you all have a wonderful boring week. Hopefully later on today I can get started on my podcast for the site. If not it will definitely be tomorrow. Until next time.  Remember we love you and hope you are fulfilling your dreams to the best of your ability. Hugs.

M & B

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