Finding New Ways Of Doing The Boring

Hello World Wide Readers Welcome To Our Blog,

We are glad to see you here again.  Last night Ben took my car out to get it washed.  I was really excited to go with him.  I love going through the car wash and so does he so it is something we really enjoy doing together. It’s been pretty warm here with some pretty heavy rains.  However, we are nearing the end of May so we probably will not see heavy rain really again till October.  Anyway, it’s been busy this week.  Ben had Monday off for Veterans day and I had to work.  It’s ok though because I just keep telling myself I am going to get two weeks in December off. So it will be worth it.

The Myer lemon tree is producing some really beautiful lemons. We are really excited for them. The puppies are doing well.  They have been sleeping a lot during the day because of the heat.  We had our lady come over and clip the dogs nails.  She is great with the dogs and she is supper nice.  I really like her and so does Ben.  She has all rescues as well. She also is definitely reasonably priced.

Ben also fixed the shower this week.  I was really proud of him.  I showed him the first time how to shut the water off to the house and then the second time he did it he was able to complete it without needing my help.  You could tell he was really excited to have cold water again in the shower. I was also able to do laundry this week but i have decided to change it up and do it on the weekends now instead of during the week.  I hand it up in the evenings to relax and stretch out my hands. Hence the title of the blog finding new ways to do the boring. LOL.

Anyway, we hope you have an amazing week and we look forward to seeing you back here next time.



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