Frito Pie, Rain, Cleaning, and Well Other Boring Stuff

Hello World Wide Readers,

It’s another Wednesday so we thought we would again share with you about what is going on in our lives.  First of all Ben made an awesome Frito Pie this week.  It is something we both love to eat.  We also have been dealing with some pretty hectic storms as of late but I think we can safely say that summer is here to stay.  We have been busy cleaning the house and doing some yard work.  It’s something we enjoy doing together and it keeps us organized with our work schedules. Now that we are in the summer, I am off on Fridays so it means I can go to the gym and catch up on things like laundry and meal prepping for the next week.

Work was fun this week. Ben also had a good week at work he got to work the range which is always one of the best parts of his job.  So overall we have been having fun at work. Ben’s mom wrote me this week.  That was really nice of her.  She is always so thoughtful and insightful.  I love being able to get her letters. Ben has been looking at being a big brother in the boys and girls club. I am excited he is looking into doing that.  I sure it will be a blast for him.

The storms have not been pleasant for the dogs.  On Monday, I was driving a golf cart and almost got caught in the rain.  I did a horrible job parking it in its designated area so my techs laughed at me yesterday but we all had a good laugh.  I hurt my arm though pretty bad but nothing some heat from a heating pad couldn’t solve. The garden area is loving the rain.  So it is always welcome here.

Anyway I guess we should go.  We hope you have an amazingly boring week like we do. Stay safe everyone and stay cool.


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