Summer Is Here Now Let Us Sweat

Hello World Wide Readers,

We hope you had an amazing week. We hope it was normal and boring.  It’s been hot, humid and muggy here.  That is ok because it’s good for the plants.  My work is keeping me really busy. New responsibilities and everything so I been making my move goal a lot more.  Thank you Apple Watch.  I spoiled myself and got myself a new lanyard to hold my keys to the house and stuff.  Its a bunny pusheen. I love it.  Not to mention its pastel pink. One of my favorite colors.

Ben is doing great.  His birthday is coming up so I am looking forward to celebrating it with him.  We always do fun things for our birthday.  Ben talked with his mom.  It was a real positive and pleasant conversation. I am glad things are looking great between him and his mom.  That definitely makes me smile.

We decided this week to grocery shop for dinner since I have been working late. Ben loves having options to choose from so we can get what we are in the mood for but still have dinner together. We always have a good time talking about our day and how we enjoyed the snacks and lunches we packed for ourselves.

Ben is definitely my best friend.  I love him so much.  Yesterday was International Turtle day.  He always calls me his turtle. So he was so sweet and sent me a cute text telling me he loved his turtle. I always reciprocate on International Bunny day.  I am so excited for our lives together.  Things are looking amazingly bright.

Anyway, have an amazing week everyone and stay normal.

We will see you all next week.

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