03/30/2024 – Boring Normal Life

Hello Boring Normal Life Readers.  We hope you have had an amazingly boring normal week. This week we experienced some rain and some roller coaster temperatures but that is Spring.  The pollen has been extraordinarily high this year. Nothing some over the counter meds can’t handle but it will be nice when they finally go down. Ben and I chose to do sandwiches this week because of the warmer weather during the day.  It was fun making sandwiches. But more about that later…

No stress...eat pie.

Boring Normal Work Week

Ben is waiting to hear if he was selected to go on a trip. If he was, then he is going to be gone for a boring normal week. The trips are hard on our puppies.  They miss him a lot and so do I, so we make it through until he returns.  I am kind of hoping he doesn’t have to go this time but it is part of the job requirements and if he does it will be ok.  We will be here to welcome him back home when he returns.

This week was a great week in the office.  We have started rolling Windows 11 out into the environment. I am really excited about this not only for our students but also for our faculty and staff.  Ben has started looking into his retirement and has calculated he is going to be able to retire in about 12 years with full benefits because he is buying back his service time with the Army.  He is really excited about that. Other than that, we both had a great normal week at work.

Personal Week

So let’s talk about those sandwiches.  We decided to make egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches.  The beauty of doing “salad” sandwiches is you can decide what is put into the “salad” portion of the sandwich.  For egg salad we did hard boiled eggs and dill relish.  For chicken salad, we did boiled chicken breast, chopped tomatoes and dill relish.  It was really good.  I even added some lemon pepper to mine.  We had enough left over that we both were able to take some to work the next day for left overs.

Our cacti have been sprouting in our garden and the Myer lemon tree is blooming.  I have spent a good part of my free time writing on my blog and looking for positive books to read.  I am thinking about doing a podcast about positivity and focusing the audience to be young adults.  We will see but it’s something I have been considering.  Other than that, nothing much has been going on.  Ben’s parents are well and so are mine.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. We love you all and wish you boring normal weeks ahead. Stay positive and a hug from me to all of you.



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