December Is Here

Hello World Wide Readers,

We hope your doing well today. December is finally here. We had a normal week. We were able to help visit the Pokehive on Monday and take a look around. We also were able to make beef stroganoff this week. Ben made it and it was really good.  He has always been really good with beef stroganoff. Ben had some fun playing WH40K last Saturday. He was able to go to New Braunfels to play. Ben also was able to go to the range and practice on a couple of pieces he had finished fixing. He also is constructing a new gadget which is really awesome.  I love that he is taking his knowledge and applying it to other areas of his life.

I was able to help two students this week and get them moving in the right direction.  It was exciting to help students continue their journey at the college. The economy and life in general makes it difficult for some to continue navigating the challenging world of college. For those of us that have been through it on several occasions it is important we help when we can.  When we take our obligation to work in higher education, we are more than than the role we  are assigned to but we have an obligation to help all that walk onto our campus achieve their goals. Anyway, it was a good week at work for both Ben and I, we are blessed to help others in our jobs.

The holidays are quickly approaching. We hope your getting ready for a colder than normal winter.   Stay warm, have yummy food and keep yourselves happy.

Love to you all,

M & B

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