Thanksgiving and Family

Hello World Wide Readers,

We hope you had a wonderful week.  If you live in the United States, you celebrated Thanksgiving.  We had a good Thanksgiving.  We celebrated with my parents. We decided not to do turkey this year but instead do tamales and all the fixings with that.  Ben and I had a really good time with my parents. We missed other members of our family that could not be there but we still had a really good time. I have been helping mom get Christmas gifts for her grandchildren.  She doesn’t understand what Pokémon was but they really enjoy it so I am having to explain what she is getting for them.

Our nieces really like cats.  So they are really into mew and Jolteon for some reason. LOL.  They are also into getting the Lego configuration of them so we have been searching online for those so they can get to Germany in time for Christmas. My mother really enjoys getting gifts for her grandchildren.  In some ways she over indulges them but it is her kind of thing. She used to have four but now only has two so they get over indulged to the extreme. Mom will always be like that probably. It’s what makes her happy so I help her out when I can with it.

Ben had a lot of fun at Thanksgiving.  Part of the day we spent, going through some boxes and we found pictures of the family who we do not see anymore.  It was nice to see baby pictures of the family.  We laughed and told stories for a little bit, remembering the good times and the fun and then put the pictures up.  It was a positive experience.  We don’t worry about them much anymore because it is out of our control and hands.  We pray for the best and we know if things ever get really bad, we always have a space they can stay for a little while if they need to get back up on their feet.

We continue to live our lives  and do our thing. Our decisions have allowed us to live a normal life. Something Ben and I have always wanted. Chaos causes so much pain and suffering to everyone around you. We hope your Thanksgiving was normal, positive and peaceful. We love you all and pray for peace,  calm, and security in your lives.



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