Bring on November….

Hello World Wide Readers,

Ben and I hope you have had an amazingly normal week. This week was a nice normal week for us. We had the heater checked out so we can run it this fall.  Since the weather has been getting cooler it was time to have it looked at.  We are lucky enough not to have to live somewhere were it snows.  It’s random we ever get snow, so we are blessed to have that. Ben lived in New York for a while at Ft. Drum while serving in the military. He hated it there.  It was always cold and he was always having to shovel snow. So he is just happy when its cold with none of the white stuff on the ground.

Anyway, Ben made beef roast stew this week for dinner.  Since it was cooler he has been enjoying making stews. This week was Halloween and the college staff all got dressed up.  It was a fun event for everyone.  Our department also had a potluck which was great. Ben’s office didn’t dress up. So for him it was just another normal day. Today we are picking up Ben’s car from the dealership and then he is going to the range and then to play WH40K tonight. Tomorrow we are going to PokefestSA. I am hoping to start a card deck soon so I can compete in some of the local competitions here in town.

Anyway, we saw my parents last Sunday and had dinner with them. They are doing really well and Ben and them had a great time. My dad and him have a great time joking around and teasing me. It’s always fun. My parents already got me my Christmas gift and told me I could pick it up when ever I wanted. They got me a replacement switch for the one I got about three years ago. It’s time for a new one. But I am going to wait till Christmas to use it.

Anyway, stay normal and out of trouble.  Keep your lives normal.

Love you all.

M &B

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