Cooler Than Normal Week

Hello World Wide Readers,

We hope that you are settling into your winter weather.  It’s been cloudy and wet the past couple of days. So we have brought out the sweatshirts to wear. I have been working on gathering Pokémon Trading cards to continue to build my deck for playing. We have been working hard this week so this weekend has been great for relaxing and taking a break from our work week.

I have been busy filling my Pokedex on Pokémon Shield. Ben has been playing Call of Duty. Ben made dinner this week and it was really good.  We did a country style potato and beef sausage dish that mimics hot potatoes. He also made some chicken taco quesadillas. Ben was really nice and got me a Pikachu last week. It is great to have another Pokémon to add to my group of Pokémon. I am in the process of developing a game for our staff development day. I am focusing on teamwork so we are going to be using Pokémon Go since a lot of the staff plays the game frequently.

Ben was a great husband and bought blankets for all of here to prepare us for the quick cooling weather we experienced. He also has been focused on all of us and ensuring we are taken care of.  It’s great to have such a supportive person attached to you. I could not wish for anything better in my life. My parents are doing well.  Ben and my parents have been having a good time during the weekends.  They love helping each other out during the weekends. My dad came over to the house this week to help Ben out with our dogs. It was great to see them working together.

Anyway, we hope everyone is staying warm and having a perfectly normal peaceful life.



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