Cool Down In Weather This Week

Hello World Wide Readers,

We hope you had a good week. It has been a good week this week. We were able to get all the plants watered at the house and laundry done.  Ben is out today at the range. I am shocked at how fast September blew by and how October is already starting. The puppies appreciate the cooler weather.  They love hanging out in our back yard with us as we talk about what we want to garden.  Yarn crawl is two weeks this year and I am hoping to get to a couple of stores I do not normally get too.

I found a really fun app to play this week on my phone. Its called Kinder World.  I have really been enjoying it. I have a sunflower in my friends garden.  If you want to connect my friend code is XU9ACN.  Of course like all my coworkers we have been enjoying to cooler weather outside and playing Pokémon Go on various routes. Its a great team building activity we can all do.

Anyway, I have encouraged Ben to get on Pokémon Go.  He might download it soon which is really exciting. We went to the new Hero and Fantasies store last night on San Pedro.  It was awesome.  Their Pokémon section has expanded quite a bit.  Of course Ben was more interested in seeing what the individuals in the back of the store were playing. Other than that, we have a great week.

We hope everyone reading this is well.



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