Our Lives Living Out The Normal

Good Weekend World Wide Web Readers,

Ben and I have had an amazing week. LOL.  Amazing for normal lives. COVID is going around the campus where I work.  So I have been helping keeping employees and students safe.  Ben has had a great week.  We are excited for it to be a 3 day weekend.  Ben is going out today to the range and then going to play WH40K.  I am working on hiring two new employees on my campus.  So I am excited about that because I will finally have all my positions filled underneath me.

Ben is going to be working on the backyard tomorrow.  We are going to start putting in our fall garden.  He is really excited about starting that.  His mom is doing well.  She is hoping to go home about the middle of the month.  I have been studying color theory as of late.  It’s definitely been really interesting to learn about it. The weather has started to cool down a little bit.  At least we are not reaching 105 everyday.  It’s also getting really nice in the evenings already.

Anyway, Ben made the second part of the pot roast.  It was really good.  Ben has turned out to be a really good cook as of late. I have been working with him and he is a great student.  When you teach a person to fish….as the saying goes. Ben is an amazing husband and person.  Everyone should have a person like Ben in their lives. He is responsible, honorable, and just honest. Not many people can say that about themselves.  We as many problems as this world has, it’s nice to just have a wonderful person with me as my husband.

Anyway, I hope all of you have an amazing wonderful boring week.  Stay in school and not to drink to much. Love to you all.


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