School Starting…Fun Times….Normal Life Moving Through

Welcome World Wide Readers,

This is our second Saturday posting.  It’s been really nice to get through a complete week and then talk about it here.  I was able to complete another podcast today.  I have decided to move my podcast to weekends to ensure I can get tasks completed so I have things to talk about it. Students have returned to school and the final sets of students will return to school on Monday. Ben and I have talked about him using his VA Benefits to do some activities that can enhance his knowledge on things he is passionate about.  He is excited to be able to use that his VA Benefits since he is not having to share them with anyone. I am excited for him as well.

Ben and I have been making fun dishes during the week and then enjoying some time out together in the evenings on the weekend.  Tomorrow we are going grocery shopping for the week since students will be back at my campus this week. I am planning on getting fruit salads for the week. We also are going to a local yarn store here for me to look at some yarn.  I have taken a liking to color theory and so I have begun studying color theory because I believe it will assist in my fiber arts.

I have almost finished Ben’s blanket I am making him.  He is really excited about it.  Ben is out this evening playing WH40K with his friends.  It’s great for him to have some friends to bounce ideas off of and also play games with.  We are thinking about making one of our rooms upstairs a game room for him so he can invite his friends over to play the game.  I think that would be awesome.

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well and that your life is plentiful and rewarding.

Stay safe.


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