Another Week Done….

Hello World Wide Readers,

Our apologies for  missing our posting last week. We got busy doing a lot of things last weekend.  Ben had a class that was taught by a coworker in Kerrville and then he spent time doing BattleTech and WH40K.  I was working on dinners, laundry and crocheting his blanket. This weekend Ben went to see his parents.  It was a surprise visit. While he is seeing them he is going to be looking around at a couple of  RV dealerships in the area. Ben is returning tomorrow but I am glad he is getting to spend time with this mom and dad.

This weekend I am hanging out with my mom and we are going to go get our hair done.  We probably are going to have lunch.  I got a new pair of tennis shoes for work this week.  I was excited to have a new pair to wear.  They are really comfortable. Work is going well.  Ben’s work is the same. It’s supposed to rain today. I am excited about that.  It’s also going to be in the 80s this week so we are both looking forward to getting out into the back yard and putting together our winter garden.  Ben transferred three heavy duty boxes to grow plants in to the backyard this week.  He also brought home another two boxes but these stand upright and allow you to open where you are growing your potatoes in a modular like fashion.

I conducted several interview this week at work.  I am busy trying to fill my part timers positions. I did SMART goals this week with all my employees so it was a fun week.  Anyway, Ben and I hope all of you are staying normal.

We will see you next week.


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