Not Wednesday but Saturday…Normal Life Right?

Hello World Wide Readers,

Ben and I have decided to change our weekly posting to Saturdays.  That way we can cover more about our week instead of doing it during the middle of the week.  We figured that would be more logical for all of you.  This week was a good normal week for us. We both worked and got some good news on that front. The news is more about the social aspect of work not the actual work itself.  We both have decided that putting our clothes in the washer is easier.  This way we can do laundry when it’s full which ensures we always have clean clothes. I also like doing laundry in the middle of the week.  It adds some nice normalcy after a rough day at work. This week Ben made pot roast.  He did an excellent job.  I had made my Mexican casserole the night before.  Tonight I am going to be doing a chicken kitchen sink casserole.  I really enjoy casserole creation its creative and fun.

Ben today is going to the range in Kerrville.  Today my focus is finishing up the dishes, starting dinner, washing a load of clothes, crocheting, kitting, and napping.  I am staying home since at lunch on Thursday a coworker who sat from me across the table at Olive Garden had COVID. So I am home checking my temperature and O2 levels. I am fine but I don’t believe you can ever be to cautious. I am going to limit my immune suppressant medications so it can assist if anything is in my body. I am also taking zinc and vitamin c.  I should be ok, but I am just very hyper aware.

Other than that, nothing much is going on.  Ben’s mom is doing ok.  The rehab facility nurses say she is getting better which is great. Ben’s dad is working on getting is DD214 to Ben and his brother so if either of them pass they can be buried here where we live.  Ben’s mom has been very adamant about being buried at Ft. Sam so her family can see her. As someone who does Pastoral Care,  I am glad they are having these conversations now while she is alive, because death can be really ugly for families. Especially if there is no directive on what the departed wanted. So while not exactly normal, it is a good conversation to have.

Anyway, these postings will contine on Saturdays from now on. Hope you all are staying safe, debt free, and sober or as Ben and I like to say Normal and Boring.



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