Traveling and Saving

Hello World Wide Readers,

It’s another Wednesday.  Ben went to go see his mother and dad this past weekend.  They spent a lot of time discussing about where his mom would like to be berried and her funeral plans.  He was able to sit down and talk with his dad at breakfast which I think helped his dad out a lot. While he was up there he was able to take a look at an RV he is planning on getting soon.  He is not sure if he is going to get the one he saw, but he now knows that type he is going to be getting.  We are going to be using it for when we travel and visit people who live further away.

Work has been really busy. I also have been busy brining on workstudies, interns, part-timers and full time staff.  I am going to have to fill two more positions, I am hoping to have it done before the end of September. I would like to have it done before September 1st so the employees will get a 6.5% increase in pay. Other than that, Ben has been busy at work as well.  We have been blessed to have jobs that allow us to live well . We know not everyone can be that lucky so we are thankful.

I have a friend be diagnosed with stage 5 MBC.  Please pray for them.  I know their family would really appreciate it. Other than that, the dogs are doing well.  It’s been really hot here.  Mom and Dad were able to celebrate Ben’s return with going with us to dinner. So it was a nice weekend.  I got a lot done on his blanket.

Stay safe everyone and make sure your life stays boring and normal.


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