Planning For The Future…

Hello World Wide Internet Readers,

We hope you have had a boring couple of days since our last posting.  Ben and I are doing great.  It was sad to hear Ben’s mother had another stroke on Monday.  She was transferred again from her rehab facility to a hospital and will have to wait till she can go back to the rehab facility. Other than that it’s been fairly quite.  Ben has been working with me to get ourselves ready for retirement in the future.  He has been buying back his military leave time which is great because it means he can retire a lot sooner than we expected.  I have a a lot of time still to complete my 20 but when I do I will just meet the rule of 80 so that is great.

We have talked about having him take out a small business VA loan for me to open up a yarn shop when we retire.  That way we can have income coming into the house besides our retirement checks and if we are lucky our social security.  Ben now just has to go through the orientation program for a non-profit here in town and he is going to become a mentor to some youth who are struggling.  He is really looking forward to sharing his knowledge and wisdom on to others. I am excited for him as well.  The only way people are remembered is by our interactions with others.  So I am glad Ben is getting help others in need. It ensures his legacy lives on in a positive way.

Anyway, I have been working on Ben’s blanket.  The first row is almost done.  And the second row just needs to be crocheted together.  Then I have one more row. He is really looking forward to me completing it.  Other than that, our dogs are doing well and so are my parents. We have been busy getting things ready here in the house for the fall.

Love to you all out there.  Make sure to drink your water because it’s hot outside. 🙂

See you all next Wednesday.




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