Another Wednesday With Warm Weather.

Hello World Wide Readers,

Hope all is well with you.  Ben and I are doing great.  This past weekend Ben went out to Burnet to look at some RVs.  He is planning on getting one so we can travel around to see friends and family.  He has been doing a lot of research and finally has found one he really likes that can fit in our driveway.  So he has been really busy with that.

Ben’s mom is still in rehab and it is looking more and more like she might be transferred to another rehab facility.  We will probably know more in the next couple of days.  The case workers has a meeting with Ben’s dad so we will see what comes of that.  Either way, we know whatever happens will be what is best for his mom.  Ben’s mom is excited that Ben talks to her every day.  Ben’s brother also has started communicating with Ben too.  It’s good to see that everyone is looking out for his mom.

Ben and I are both busy with our jobs.  I am looking forward to the staff retreat next week.  It will be nice to hang out with my coworkers and have some fun and good food. I have been working on crocheting Ben a blanket of black eyed susans.  It is coming along really nicely.  I do plan to write Ben’s mom my monthly letter to her today.  I meant to do it yesterday but I got home late.

Anyway, Ben and I wish you much love and peace during this summer month.  We hope you are having lots of fun being boring and normal. We know we love being that way and we are sure you do to.

Stay safe and cool,



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