Another Wednesday Is Here And We Are Enjoying Life

Hello World Wide Readers,

It’s been a great week.  I was able to find out I am getting a 6.5 % increase in pay.  So I am definitely excited to hear that. Ben has been having a good time going to gaming stores and playing Battletech and WH40K.  He has found a group of guys that he enjoys playing with so it’s awesome to here.  We also wrote his mom this week and checked in with her.  Ben and her now talk everyday which is great. She is getting better but she is still going to be in rehab about 6 more weeks.

My parents are doing well and my mom’s birthday is tomorrow.  I am still waiting on her to tell me what she wants but I might just have to send her a fruit boquet.  I figure Ben will probably take care of it but I will check with him tomorrow morning before I leave.  I know this weekend we are going to go out and celebrate with her and dad her birthday.  She is really excited to see us when we come over.  She loves Ben so much.  My dad loves him too.  He is just such an amazing husband, man.  I could not be happier.

We have been working together and he has been providing me a lot of support with my new job and with the blanket I have been crocheting him.  His mom really is impressed with my work as well.  I am just thrilled I am making them both happy.  In a lot of ways its nice to have inlaws that really like me and then I am good for their son.  It’s a good feeling to have that.

Anyway, I will go ahead and let you all get back to your boring normal lives just like Ben and I are going to get back to ours.  Have a great week and we will see you all on Wednesday.


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