Normal Week But Ended With A Bang

Hello World Wide Readers,

We hope you had a great normal boring week.  Ben and I both had yesterday off.  So it was awkward ending the weekend and then going to work on Monday just to be off on Tuesday.  It’s ok though we had a great 4th of July.  We were able to relax and just have some time with each other.  I was also able to get the laundry done which was awesome.  Ben played some video games and I worked on his blanket I am crocheting.

Ben has been spending a lot of time communicating with his family since his mom is now in a rehab facility.  His mom has been really appreciative of having someone to talk to since she is alone in the rehab facility.  Ben has been a great son ensuring his mother is happy and is taken care of her while she is there.

My parent’s are doing well.  Dad is working on replacing the fence at their house.  He came by our house yesterday and wished us Happy 4th of July.  Ben was excited to see him.  Ben really gets along with my parents and they are wonderful together.  I am so lucky that Ben is such an amazing man, so caring and just a beautiful person.

Work has been keeping me busy.  Work is also keeping Ben busy.  But we always make time for each other which is why our relationship is so successful.   We communicate with each other and are honest with one another.  Anyway….I hope you all have a wonderfully normal week and had a wonderful fourth of July.

Stay safe and normal,


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