Another Normal Week

Hello World Wide Readers,

It’s great to have you back.  Thank you all for continuing to support us and our blog.  We really appreciate it. Ben is doing well and managing the stress of his mother being in the hospital really well.  He was awesome and took me to a yarn store this past weekend and I got some advice on finding the perfect crochet hook.  The blanket I am making him is turning out really nice.

We had Alamo Cafe with my parents this weekend to celebrate Ben’s birthday.  We all had a really good time together. He also loved the WH40K chapter I got him.  He was really excited to get it so he can have another army to play with.  There was also some Tau in there in case we ever decide to play against one another.  We are thinking we will take the kitchen area were the dining room table is and set it up as our WH40K play area.  I think it will be fun to play with each other plus he can invite his friends over to play as well.

Work is keeping Ben and I really busy.  I will admit it is nice to have Fridays off in the summer but I am looking forward to going back to a five day work week. We are looking forward to having the fourth of July off together.  We are planning some BBQ and enjoying hanging out with my parents probably unless things take a turn for the worse, then we might be going to Denton.

Anyway, please keep Ben’s mom in prayer.  She really needs it. We hope you all have a safe and wonderful week and we will see you next time.



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