Busy Weekend and Already A Busy Week

Hello World Wide Readers,

I hope this blog posting finds you well.  Ben and I celebrated Father’s Day and our Anniversary this weekend.  We had an amazing time.  On Father’s Day we celebrated with cards for my father and for Ben.  We all went out and had a good time. We finished the evening with strawberry shortcake and Father’s Day gifts. Ben got a freezer that my parents and I got him for father’s day.  He was really excited to receive it. We are now able to make more of our Costco runs.

Ben’s birthday is on Thursday.  I already have his gift ready at my parents house.  I know he is going to love it.  We are going to go and celebrate his birthday at one of his favorite restaurants this weekend.  He still has not decided were but I know we will have a blast wherever he decides to go. Yesterday Ben talked to his Dad who thanked him for the fathers day gift we sent him.  He also mentioned that his mom had a mini stroke and was in the hospital.  He said his mom was ok.  So that is a relief.  Ben did call and he said his mom sounded good.  So we are excited to hear that.

Anyway, work is going well for both Ben and I.  The puppies are doing well as well.  While we had Monday off, Ben and I went and got dinner and I made sure to do the laundry.  He went to the range and had some fun.  In the future he has a trip planned to Kerrville to go shooting at a range up there for some more specialized tools. I thought I would share our 8 year wedding anniversary picture.  He is just so stinking cute.  I love him so much. This picture was taken after a joy ride in my car with the moon roof open and the windows rolled down.  LOL…joy ride being a trip to the grocery store.

Anyway, we hope you have an amazing week. We will see you next time.




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