From My Little Neck Of The Woods…

Hello World Wide Readers,

We hope you have had a great week.  It is Easter week, so some of us, have Friday off for Good Friday.  Ben not so much.  LOL.  Anyway, nothing exciting is going on this week.  It has been really hot outside but this morning a cool front is starting to blow in so I have the windows and doors open in the house.  The dogs are not thrilled with the radical change in temperature but I am sure they enjoying the cool air at least.  This week I was able to catch a cute picture of Nova guarding her toy.  She is very possessive of her toys and her people  This one is her resting on her toy.  It just made me smile and laugh.

Ben and I had some fun this weekend.  We did something new. We actually went to a range together.  We have never done our activities together so this was fun.  He was actually pleasantly surprised at my accuracy. So we are planning to go once a month together at least so I can keep in practice.  He is still going to go almost every Saturday so no changes there.  It is one of his hobbies he loves and so it was great I was able to go with him and show him what I could do.  I have a hard time believing in the number of years we have been married we have never gone to the range together.  LOL.  I guess time flies when your having fun.

Because this is a short week, I have been putting extra hours at work.  I am hoping to some of my other projects done for my other activities.  This extra work has but a disruption into our routine. I have been able to go to the gym this week so that is awesome.  I was able to finish 500 move goals and got a lot of steps in yesterday for my Virtual Trail of Tears Journey.  So things are moving along.  Anyway, I have to get moving.  I need to start closing the doors before I start work.  I hope you all have an amazing week and we will see you next  time.



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