Last Wednesday of March

Hello World Wide Web Readers,

We hope your doing well today. Ben and I have had a normal week. The dogs are starting to get used to the warmer weather and the humidity again. Nova has been particularly loving to Ben.  It’s cute. She loves licking his face and beard to say hello. I was lucky enough to capture it one morning prior to me going to the gym. We hae also started calling Lola our Lola Bear.  She has the markings of a black bear so the nickname is working really well for her. She is really happy when we call her Lola Bear.  Nova, is Betty Nova, I don’t know why we exactly chose that nickname but its fun to say it.

Maxwell is doing well. He spends a lot of time with Nova and they have started picking up each others personility and habits.  It’s fun to watch.

Anyway, Ben went and played a new game on Friday night.  It was called Catan. It is essentially a building society game.  There is also a lot of expansion packs you can get to add to the game.  It was definitely different from Ben’s normal WH40K or Battletech game play. Ben took a picture of him and his friends gameboard so he could show me.

What I don’t understand is why his friends are eating Funyuns chips. I just think they are gross. Oh well.  He had a good time and that is what matters. My parents have been sick so we did not get to go have dinner with them last weekend but if Dad is feeling better we will go this weekend. We both are looking forward to eating dinner with my parents.  It’s always fun to chat with them.

Today we are planning on moving the standing garden beds around the deck.  I am looking forward to having those available to plants some plants in.  We went to the Garden Center to look at plants.  Ben looked at trees while I was looking for bushes.  I am really starting to design the garden landscape to our front yard.  I want it to be a great place for us to sit in the evenings and enjoy the sunset. I also am looking for birdhouses to put out there as well.

I got some brainstorming done for my novel this week.  So that is positive.  I also am halfway through one of the new socks I am knitting. So it’s been a good week for both of us.  We hope that everyone that is reading this is having an amazing week and enjoying the spring.  Take care of yourselves and we will see you next Wednesday.



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