Hello March

Hello World Wide Readers,

Welcome to March.  So this week has been more of this up and down weather.  It’s 80’s one day and then 60’s the other.  You could say welcome Spring.  Anyway, Ben had a great week.  He has had fun playing games with his friends.  He unfortunately lost his battle against some World Eaters on Friday night but it did not let him ruin his weekend.  We had dinner with my parents.  It was a special occasion so we decided to have dinner at home with them. We all had a lot of fun.

I made stew on Monday.  Ben really liked it.  We had it with some rice.  Today starts the virtual Trail of Tears walk I am doing.  It’s a great activity my work team is doing and since I already do four days of cardio at the gym, I can put the steps into good use.  I am looking forward to seeing how far my team is going to make it.  We are all well seasoned ladies and a little sassy so this is definitely going to be a fun virtual activity for us.

The Antiochian church has started to be built by our house.  Ben is really excited it is going up.  He has decided that is where he wants us to attend once it’s completed.  I am excited as well but it is going to make traffic at that corner a lot more difficult to navigate.  Oh well that is life right.

I finished my first sock and now working on the second.  I really don’t like the yarn I am knitting with.  It’s just not nice knitted.  It’s ok though.  Whoever ends up getting the socks will probably love them.  If no one wants them by June, I might put them in the homeless kits Ben and I put together. I always want to make sure people have warm dry feet.

Anyway, I have to get moving.  The virtual Trail of Tears has started.

See you all next week.


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