Happy Wednesday

Hello World Wide Readers,

Today is the beginning of our routine to write every Wednesday. It is  humid and unseasonably warm here.  It was really cold last week so the warmth is appreciated just wish it wasn’t so humid.  This week I bought the fixings to make stew with Ben’s famous mashed potatoes. So we had that the past two days which is great.  It also makes a good addition to lunches.

The puppies are not liking this heat and humidity.  I think it is because of how radically the temperature changed. Ben just informed me Russia has suspended its involvement with every nuclear treaty it has participated in with the United States.  So now nuclear inspections will have to be done by others not part of United States. These times remind me so much of the cold war Ben and I grew up in.  In fact some of the major characters are back in the activities. I liken it to watching Ground Hog day.

Anyway, enough depressing stuff, I went to the gym yesterday which was awesome.  It was nice to get back into the gym after taking two days off. I normally only take one day off but I needed an extra day. This weekend was a nice long weekend. Ben got to go to the range and play games with his friends all weekend.  He had a really good time. Ben took me to one of my local yarn stores to get me some knitting needles for a sweater so that was exciting for me.  Now to choose the yarn. This will be my first sweater. My grandmother would be proud.

Anyway, it has been a good normal boring week for us.

Stay safe everyone and we will see you in March


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