Another Hot and Humid Wednesday

Hello World Wide Readers,

It is a hot and humid Wednesday here in south Texas.  We have had the fans going full blast for about a week now.  It’s hard to believe we were shivering about a week ago and now we are sweating again.  LOL.  Gotta love this south Texas weather.  Anyway, it was another week packed full of routines. I went to the gym again this week. I was able to finally do weights on Sunday which was awesome.  I had taken Friday and Saturday off since I was having difficulty moving around.  I did complete 37,231 steps last week on my Choctaw Virtual Journey of Trail of Tears.  I am now at a total step count of 48,815 steps and my team having a total of 105,843.

Anyway, so I finished the second sock to my pair of socks I was knitting.  I plan on adding those to my giveaway pile.  I am now starting on a sweater.  Ben got to play WH40K on Friday and went and played Battletech on Saturday after we went and got my car serviced with an oil change and stuff.  It was fun spending time with Ben at the dealership.  We had a couple of tacos and  did our own thing together.  He is watching a space novella and I was listening to a book.  Ben and Lola have been hanging out playing his video games with his friends.  Lola gets tired of watching and typically goes outside to park at the local wild life in the back yard.

To be honest, like those times in the dealership, those times I love the best with Ben is when we can do our own things but still have an amazing time together.  He is so patient with me.  When we hand I are talking in the car, he doesn’t mind that I am playing Pokemon Go.  He knows it helps me relax and concentrate on what he wants to talk about.  Anyway, I have to cut this short, I have laundry I need to move over to the dryer and then get my pc ready for work.

I hope everyone reading this is having a great week.


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