Boring Normal Life Week – 02/17/2024

Hello World Wide Readers,

Hope your week was boring and normal. Sorry I have not had a chance to do a podcast.  We are reworking on the format to bring in a winder audience and have it more enjoyable to all. Anyway, this week Ben and I went out on Friday for our date night.  We got good news this week and we decided to go celebrate at the Olive Garden.  It was fun to go out and just have a good time. Ben’s work decided on the new work leader.  Ben supports him and it was a good choice.  We had a busy Valentines day this week and Ben has Monday off for President’s day. I will be working.

My mother has a sinus infection, the cold front that came in brought in mold and mulberry which are horrible for both of us.  She is doing ok and still able to work it’s just taking a lot out of her.  Dad is doing well.  Work has kept him busy.  He was able to take a couple of days off a couple of weeks back so at least he is relaxing a little bit. Ben is planning on spending his day off working on a piece he built. He has to test it and make some calibrations. I have started taking the yarn my grandmother left me and making my mom a blanket with it.  I think it will be nice for her to have and will remind her of her mother.

Ben and I have been going through a lot of seed catalog books to find seeds for a vibrant spring garden. We are waiting for the last freeze before we start planting our seeds. I am hoping we get them in time so we are not behind. Ben is out playing WH40K tonight.  I told him he needed to be nice to the Orcs and he just laughed.  Other than that, we are doing great.  Work has been good to both of us and we are loving life. We hope you are at peace and have a wonderful boring week.

Stay safe.

Love to you all.

M & B

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