It’s Cool Outside

Hello World Wide Readers,

We are excited your here reading about our normal boring life.  LOL.  Anyway, it was time change this weekend.  We sprang forward an hour this past Sunday.  Let me tell you, it’s been crazy ever since.  When we sprang forward I think we sprang forward into next winter.  This weekend we are looking like 40s and 50s as highs. Last we week were in the high 80s.  I will say the dogs are not having much fun with this weather changes. Today is washing the dogs blankets day.  I decided to do that since it had been since the beginning of the fall when I did it last.

Ben brought some planter boxes home for our raised garden out back.  We are going to encircle the deck so the dogs will quit getting underneath the deck.  On the main side there is a lot of shade and on the far right there is a lot of sun.  So with the shade side I am going to be planting carrots and alpine strawberries.  I also would like to do some spinach. In the sunny side, I might do tomatoes.  I just really hesitant of doing those because they attract horn worms, which end up eating all my other plants. So it might be onions or something else I plant out there.  Our lemon tree has a lot of new buds on it so I am really excited about that as well.

Anyway, Ben went out to play games on Sunday night.  Then on Saturday we went to a couple of games/comic book stores to look around.  We had a really good time doing that.  On Sunday, I went to a yarn store I really enjoy going too.  It was fun to find the new skein that will be the second color in my sweater I am knitting. Tonight we are going to move on my yarn storage cubby Ben got me into his work area so he can start fixing it up and painting it.  Once it’s ready to move into the knitting room, I am going to go upstairs and clean out one of the rooms of all my yarn and move it to the knitting room.  That way I have a guest room available for friends and family.

So I guess that is about it.  Nothing really new to report on in our simple basic lives.  I hope your lives are pleasant and simple and basic as well.  Take care and stay safe.




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