Loss Of A Daughter

Hello, Ok so the purpose of this blog today is to talk about the unnatural grief cycle some women take when they experience the loss of a child. The loss of a child is horrible. It not only impacts the mother but the father is well. Women will often take responsibility for the loss of … Continue reading Loss Of A Daughter

One Flesh, One Body – Emotional Disengagement

Today we will be talking about the second signal that you are heading for a divorce.  Like yesterday I will discuss the issue and then a way to head it off. It is by heading it off that can keep your family intact. To often the hardest time in a man’s life is the two … Continue reading One Flesh, One Body – Emotional Disengagement

IVF Treatments – Gaslighting

It is amazing how things just suddenly change. We have now had over a 1000 visitors to the site and have heard our story. I still believe I am providing a record for my step children about their father’s journey and helping those who live in the dark but share in the same issues. If … Continue reading IVF Treatments – Gaslighting

Victimhood – They Wanted To Live Life This Way

So we have discussed over the past two days PA and PAS.  We have also discussed the results of that on our children. However I am left with the nagging question on why a parent would even want to engage in such behavior that could impact the entire life of their children and their future … Continue reading Victimhood – They Wanted To Live Life This Way