Fear Anger Men and Women

Ben and I were listening to Sandman at Sonic the other day and Sandman was responding to letter he received from a lady who was begging him to stop spreading his message. He made the comment about how men like him and many of his followers come from married parents but because of what they … Continue reading Fear Anger Men and Women

@DDJ-@TFM-@MIGGY101-REDPILLCOIN-Someone Needs To Be An Adult.

This is primarily written to DDJ from an avid fan. So I have to say…after listening to TFM and the DDJ discuss Miggy101 and the RED Pill Coin scandal I like wow for all the times I have listened to your podcasts and thoughts,  you continually tell us not to invest time and energy in … Continue reading @DDJ-@TFM-@MIGGY101-REDPILLCOIN-Someone Needs To Be An Adult.

Venting Honest Post – No Longer A Feminist

So just about an update to the website.  I have added a new area for videos. Ben and I take so many pictures and things we figured starting videos would be a great way to show the children we were thinking about them when they come back in 3899 days and ask why we never … Continue reading Venting Honest Post – No Longer A Feminist

Helpmate for Adam

You know it is funny if you go onto twitter and type in the search bar feminist it appears that most of the tweets are those individuals putting down feminist. There is the occasional actual “coming out” feminist but there are actually very few in the way that are pro-feminism and pro-matriarchy. Lets talk about … Continue reading Helpmate for Adam

Family Court Story and Christ

Let’s take the family court system today and apply it Mary and Joseph’s situation. Mary was about 15 or 16 when she is given the Christ child. Joseph and Mary had not even yet been married. Feminist would have rallied around Mary to either abort the baby or to take the supposed father to family … Continue reading Family Court Story and Christ