My Little Pony – Finding Joy

You know it is funny.  I grew up watching My Little Pony. It was the one thing I got and enjoyed doing with my step-children. I know often sit at work listening to My Little Pony songs.  It reminds us even as adults the importance of being a good friend to one another and we … Continue reading My Little Pony – Finding Joy

Favorite Photos

I think the most frustrating part of being a step-parent who does not have access to their step-children is the lack of family photos I have.  In my head I look at outdated photos wishing we had the opportunity to take a family photo like I wanted. Instead the closest thing I have is the … Continue reading Favorite Photos

Crappy People – Talk To The Hand

Well we can now hope the crazy madness on the roads will come to an end considering Spring Break is now over. Between almost getting T-Boned by a bus on Friday and then being T-Boned from another car while making a turn under the highway bridge. I am glad that Spring Break is finally over. … Continue reading Crappy People – Talk To The Hand


I think the hardest part about being a stepmom was the lack of control I had over anything in my house. I always felt like IT was there. It wasn’t the fact that IT was it just felt like it. Every decision had to be thought out and processed. War games is what I call … Continue reading IT

Importance Of Telling The Truth

So I am going to be honest the one behavior that gets on my nerves the most is lying. I never been able to handle it. I guess when I was young, it was a lack of caring how or what others thought about me so to me, lying was never a good alternative to … Continue reading Importance Of Telling The Truth

Doomed To Repeat The Same Mistakes

Dear Tori and Xander, It looks like the cooler weather is here to stay. YEAH!!!  I know you both must be excited for your two week break. I hope the two of you have gotten to decorate your house full of Christmas lights and set up the Christmas tree. Setting up the Christmas tree was … Continue reading Doomed To Repeat The Same Mistakes

Fifth Commandment

Tori and Xander, Good morning sweeties. I hope your enjoying your time off from school. What are you planning on doing for Thanksgiving?  Your dad and I are going to be having pot-roast I think. HEB had a family meal that looked good plus it is customized in size for just two people.  Your dad … Continue reading Fifth Commandment

Agent Orange – Loyalty, Honesty and Honor

Good Morning Tori and Xander, So glad today is our sudo Friday. Tomorrow I am planning on seeing my Grandfather with your Dad. He and your dad were a lot alike. They both value honor, loyalty, and respect. They both have a belief in defending our country and support their families. To give you an … Continue reading Agent Orange – Loyalty, Honesty and Honor

Thank You For Calling Me Fat

Good Morning, Welcome to Wednesday. A cold front has blown into my area and so it is now 56 degrees outside. I am going to start my new series on Parental Alienation next week. I believe it is the hardest thing a parent will ever go through particularly a Christian parent. Because it does not … Continue reading Thank You For Calling Me Fat

Little Peanut

Today is just one of those days. I hate Facebook watching people complain about HCBP but still seeing their step kids.  I often just want scream at the phone and say hey at least you get to see your kids. Then I cry for the parents who have to go to court again and again … Continue reading Little Peanut