So today I was reading an article on the Guardian about parents pushing for special needs diagnosis for their children so their children can gain a competitive edge in statewide testing.  It also is being used as an excuse for the lack of parenting that a parent does. The rude behavior in a child, the … Continue reading GROW UP and be a PARENT

Five Little Ducks

Good Morning Tori and Xander, I hope this letter finds you well. Did you have a good day back from vacation at school?  Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I found pictures of our last thanksgiving together. It made me smile. I also found a song that made me think of the two of you … Continue reading Five Little Ducks

Will You Help Me?

Good Morning Grieving Parents and StepMoms, I know the holidays can be tough. You have become the outcast to your current family and in a lot of ways you do not even want to celebrate with yourself. Welcome to year two of not being invited anywhere or having anyone to talk too. Last year with … Continue reading Will You Help Me?

Fifth Commandment

Tori and Xander, Good morning sweeties. I hope your enjoying your time off from school. What are you planning on doing for Thanksgiving?  Your dad and I are going to be having pot-roast I think. HEB had a family meal that looked good plus it is customized in size for just two people.  Your dad … Continue reading Fifth Commandment

Thank You For Calling Me Fat

Good Morning, Welcome to Wednesday. A cold front has blown into my area and so it is now 56 degrees outside. I am going to start my new series on Parental Alienation next week. I believe it is the hardest thing a parent will ever go through particularly a Christian parent. Because it does not … Continue reading Thank You For Calling Me Fat