Live Your Dream – Christian Response

So in the midst of searching I found this site Live Your Dream. While most of it just gave me a chuckle I decided I would write about the Pledge to Empower Women they try to promote. Apparently they want me to support women living their dreams. While I could spend days on this pledge … Continue reading Live Your Dream – Christian Response

Helpmate for Adam

You know it is funny if you go onto twitter and type in the search bar feminist it appears that most of the tweets are those individuals putting down feminist. There is the occasional actual “coming out” feminist but there are actually very few in the way that are pro-feminism and pro-matriarchy. Lets talk about … Continue reading Helpmate for Adam

Alpha Female – Dating A Sinner/Feminist

Welcome to the New Year!!! This year we are going to work on more positive steps forward and not looking back as much. So today I did some searching online and found an article on ASKMEN: Become a Better Man website. I ran across an interesting article called How to Date an Alpha Female on … Continue reading Alpha Female – Dating A Sinner/Feminist

Cuck To His Own Wife – Smear Campaign

I uploaded a new podcast today. Please check it out.  If there is a topic you would like me to cover please reach out to me via the contact tab of the website. Today we are going to be talking about probably the second most painful defense tactic used by HCBM. This is called the … Continue reading Cuck To His Own Wife – Smear Campaign

Family Court Story and Christ

Let’s take the family court system today and apply it Mary and Joseph’s situation. Mary was about 15 or 16 when she is given the Christ child. Joseph and Mary had not even yet been married. Feminist would have rallied around Mary to either abort the baby or to take the supposed father to family … Continue reading Family Court Story and Christ

Will You Help Me?

Good Morning Grieving Parents and StepMoms, I know the holidays can be tough. You have become the outcast to your current family and in a lot of ways you do not even want to celebrate with yourself. Welcome to year two of not being invited anywhere or having anyone to talk too. Last year with … Continue reading Will You Help Me?