I Curse God For Putting Me Here – Church And Family

Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen. Today I want to talk about what constitutes a family.  I think in Lent its important to discuss this because the disciples were Christ family and they denied him and betrayed him. Yesterday I posted of my current family, Ben making me laugh. … Continue reading I Curse God For Putting Me Here – Church And Family

Sodom and Gomorrah

Xander and Tori, Some days are better than others. Today is not one of those good days. I am sick and all I want is a hug from my step-children. Yet I will not get one of those for at least 3913 days. I was able to make me some hot tea with some sweetener … Continue reading Sodom and Gomorrah

Marriage is Ugly

The truth about marriage.  Today I talk a little bit about that in my podcast. Women view marriage differently from men. For women we have been dreaming of marriage our whole lives, we have played it out and searched for the lead actor to fill the role of our husband. MEN DO NOT DO THAT! … Continue reading Marriage is Ugly

Family Court Story and Christ

Let’s take the family court system today and apply it Mary and Joseph’s situation. Mary was about 15 or 16 when she is given the Christ child. Joseph and Mary had not even yet been married. Feminist would have rallied around Mary to either abort the baby or to take the supposed father to family … Continue reading Family Court Story and Christ

For The 17.5%

Good Morning Step parents, Parents, and Family, Today I am going to talk about the one out of six women who in 2014 did not receive custody of their children. The 17.5 percent of mothers who lost primary custody to the children’s father.[1] Most of these fathers are and suffer from Narcissistic personality disorder. They … Continue reading For The 17.5%

Disney Fails Us

Good Morning Step-parents and Parents, Welcome to the middle of the week.  Today is the one year anniversary of us finally setting the child support office straight about us having to sign our rights away. May God’s will be done. I have published my new podcasts and it is now available on Itunes. You can … Continue reading Disney Fails Us