Dairy Queen Afterwards – Letter to Tori and Xander

Dear Tori and Xander, Well it is the first workday of the government shutdown. I am not worried too much about it. God always provides. Monday I am starting my class for my first Clinical Pastoral Education credit to get my associates accreditation for my CPSP.  My associates will be in Pastoral Counseling or I … Continue reading Dairy Queen Afterwards – Letter to Tori and Xander

Marriage is Ugly

The truth about marriage.  Today I talk a little bit about that in my podcast. Women view marriage differently from men. For women we have been dreaming of marriage our whole lives, we have played it out and searched for the lead actor to fill the role of our husband. MEN DO NOT DO THAT! … Continue reading Marriage is Ugly

Engaging Our Adult Children

Many of us reading this wait for the day when we can be re-engaged with our children. Yet many of us know that they will be past childhood and now be adults. Self-Care Haven published a blog by Shahida Arabi. I figured as several of us are parents or families that have been #Erased that … Continue reading Engaging Our Adult Children

Step-Moms and Battle Buddies

For the Stepmoms who fight a battle on two fronts when their spouse has lost their children. A Letter to Your Spouse, As I sit here reading about the rise in male suicide to the shame, isolation, hurt, embarrassment, anxiety, and confusion I cannot help and think of you.[1] The trials that you experience and … Continue reading Step-Moms and Battle Buddies

We Begin That Journey

Good Morning Tori and Xander, I hope the two of you had a fantastic weekend.  The weather was beautiful out.  Your dad and I spent some time on Saturday at a nice quite little shop that serves some great muffins. We took Athena to the vet to get a bath and her nails done.  She … Continue reading We Begin That Journey

Thank You For Enduring This.

Good Morning Tori, How has your week been?  Are you looking forward to the weekend? Have you been keeping your brother out of trouble? Yesterday while at the health fair for work I talked to a lady who really liked my lanyard of My Little Ponies.  She asked me who my favorite pony was and … Continue reading Thank You For Enduring This.