Eugenics, Girl Scouts and the Unborn.

Every morning is hard. Seeing the numerous groups I belong too with posts about HCBPs and Fathers who had an issue during transitions. And then I come across meme’s like this…. It makes you stop and think. As a crisis theologian it brings the point home. What is the unborn? If you search the KJV … Continue reading Eugenics, Girl Scouts and the Unborn.

Tribbles and Locutus

Good Morning Tori and Xander, How has your school week been so far?  I hope it has been going really well. I have learned a lot of the past year and two months. I have learned that God allows for pain to occur so we can learn to appreciate the small joys he has given … Continue reading Tribbles and Locutus

Battle Scars On Our Children

Good Morning Grieving Stepparents and Parents, Thank goodness it is Monday again.  Back to a normal work week. Today I am going to talk about the coping aspects children exhibit when they go through a high conflict divorce or have to deal with a HCBP. I think it is important since there is a rise … Continue reading Battle Scars On Our Children