So today I was reading an article on the Guardian about parents pushing for special needs diagnosis for their children so their children can gain a competitive edge in statewide testing.  It also is being used as an excuse for the lack of parenting that a parent does. The rude behavior in a child, the … Continue reading GROW UP and be a PARENT

Toxic Relationships and Riskier Sexual Behavior

To Mothers Who Take Away A Daughters Father, The damage to our stepdaughters by not having their fathers in their lives is great. Professor Nielsen has made this pretty clear in her blog. Yet this damage can be repaired. Even after a long time not seeing their father but it take the initiative of our … Continue reading Toxic Relationships and Riskier Sexual Behavior

Remember To Be Nice

Dear Tori and Xander, I hope you are staying warm today. I wanted to let you know that your dad and I had a snowball fight with one another in the snow that fell at our house.  Athena and Maxwell did not like the snow and stayed inside where it was warm. We finally turned … Continue reading Remember To Be Nice

Step-Moms and Battle Buddies

For the Stepmoms who fight a battle on two fronts when their spouse has lost their children. A Letter to Your Spouse, As I sit here reading about the rise in male suicide to the shame, isolation, hurt, embarrassment, anxiety, and confusion I cannot help and think of you.[1] The trials that you experience and … Continue reading Step-Moms and Battle Buddies

Society Has Killed Our Alpha Men

Afternoon Xander and Tori, I hope you had a good weekend and got to do lots of fun things. Your dad and I went around looking for models for me to put together. He enjoyed going to Hobby Lobby because he got to look for parts for his new drone airplane. We also enjoyed just … Continue reading Society Has Killed Our Alpha Men

Tribbles and Locutus

Good Morning Tori and Xander, How has your school week been so far?  I hope it has been going really well. I have learned a lot of the past year and two months. I have learned that God allows for pain to occur so we can learn to appreciate the small joys he has given … Continue reading Tribbles and Locutus

Disney Fails Us

Good Morning Step-parents and Parents, Welcome to the middle of the week.  Today is the one year anniversary of us finally setting the child support office straight about us having to sign our rights away. May God’s will be done. I have published my new podcasts and it is now available on Itunes. You can … Continue reading Disney Fails Us