Spiritual Drought In Christianity

I never imagined when I was a child I would be going through this again. Having this battle in my mind and heart. I had gone through this spiritual drought and crisis in my twenties. And here we are again in my late thirties experiencing it again. After losing our children six months later we … Continue reading Spiritual Drought In Christianity

Dairy Queen Afterwards – Letter to Tori and Xander

Dear Tori and Xander, Well it is the first workday of the government shutdown. I am not worried too much about it. God always provides. Monday I am starting my class for my first Clinical Pastoral Education credit to get my associates accreditation for my CPSP.  My associates will be in Pastoral Counseling or I … Continue reading Dairy Queen Afterwards – Letter to Tori and Xander

Neo-Orthodox Anglo-Catholic

So I figured I would talk a little bit more about me today because it will help everyone next week when I begin discussing the lack of masculinity in the church you will understand why I view the church as being weaker today than it has ever been since its founding over 2000 years ago. … Continue reading Neo-Orthodox Anglo-Catholic