He Smiles And Laughs A Lot More

Xander and Tori, So we now have made it through the fourth of July. Between the bronchitis and sciatic nerve issues. We are still moving.  I finally got the ponies I ordered. I ordered a Rainbow dash since Tori took hers and I also ordered Pinkie Pie because Xander took his. I also got a … Continue reading He Smiles And Laughs A Lot More

#PressforProgress #BeBoldforChange – A Sandwich Anytime

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen #PressforProgress #BeBoldforChange A little history of International Women’s Day. In 1909 the first International Women's Day was observed on February 28th.  This day was designated by the Socialist Party of America to honor the 1908 garment worker's strike in New York that … Continue reading #PressforProgress #BeBoldforChange – A Sandwich Anytime

Live Your Dream – Christian Response

So in the midst of searching I found this site Live Your Dream. While most of it just gave me a chuckle I decided I would write about the Pledge to Empower Women they try to promote. Apparently they want me to support women living their dreams. While I could spend days on this pledge … Continue reading Live Your Dream – Christian Response

Helpmate for Adam

You know it is funny if you go onto twitter and type in the search bar feminist it appears that most of the tweets are those individuals putting down feminist. There is the occasional actual “coming out” feminist but there are actually very few in the way that are pro-feminism and pro-matriarchy. Lets talk about … Continue reading Helpmate for Adam

Engaging Our Adult Children

Many of us reading this wait for the day when we can be re-engaged with our children. Yet many of us know that they will be past childhood and now be adults. Self-Care Haven published a blog by Shahida Arabi. I figured as several of us are parents or families that have been #Erased that … Continue reading Engaging Our Adult Children

Alpha Female – Dating A Sinner/Feminist

Welcome to the New Year!!! This year we are going to work on more positive steps forward and not looking back as much. So today I did some searching online and found an article on ASKMEN: Become a Better Man website. I ran across an interesting article called How to Date an Alpha Female on … Continue reading Alpha Female – Dating A Sinner/Feminist

Feminism Killed The Family – Playing The Victim

Happy New Years Eve!!! Today we cover the last technique used by female narcissist.  I think it is important to finish the year with this final post.  Tonight Ben and I are planning to watching a Rick and Morty marathon and eating pizza and deserts. Now let us finish this series by discussing the final … Continue reading Feminism Killed The Family – Playing The Victim

Domestic Housewife As Abuse – Blame and Shame

Good Morning my goal is to finish the 10 defence mechanisms that narcissistic females use tomorrow so we can begin the New Year with a new series. I should say I have learned more through my writing and reflection but a lot of what has happened remains a mystery. While statistically chaos can be contained … Continue reading Domestic Housewife As Abuse – Blame and Shame

Jesus What A Crazy Dependa – Increasing the Volume

Good Afternoon, Today I posted a podcast. Please let me know what you think by reaching out to me through the contact form here. It has been a busy day and I hope everyone has some exciting New Years plans. Please remember to be respectful of Veterans during this time of year. Many do not … Continue reading Jesus What A Crazy Dependa – Increasing the Volume

Cuck To His Own Wife – Smear Campaign

I uploaded a new podcast today. Please check it out.  If there is a topic you would like me to cover please reach out to me via the contact tab of the website. Today we are going to be talking about probably the second most painful defense tactic used by HCBM. This is called the … Continue reading Cuck To His Own Wife – Smear Campaign