Winter Break Is Coming

Welcome Back World Wide Normal Readers,

Ben and I hope you had a good week. It has been a normal week for the two of us this week. We were able to go to Half Price Books this week so we could get some books to read. I was able to find copies of some of my favorite books that discuss DevOps and others.  I know have them on my windowsill at work. I also have almost completed my google certification for Data Analytics. This week was finals weeks for the students. I have helped some of my students with their R programming which is what they are using to build video games.  I also have started setting up micro projects for my students to do next semester. Ben has been busy at work. There is some upper management moves due to retirements going on.

This week I made a spicy chicken casserole.  Ben really enjoyed it.  This weekend he is going to be going out to the range and playing some board games with some of his friends. My mom and I are going to finish some Christmas shopping we both have to get done. A group of us at work are getting ready for our retreat on Tuesday.  I am using Pokémon to encourage teamwork and I am also working cybersecurity in a scavenger hunt.  We have a Pokémon Go following at the college, so it will be good because a lot of the people across the disciplines play Pokémon Go. Afterwards, we are going to be going to Incredible Pizza for lunch.  I think the team is really going to enjoy it. Ben is looking forward to the holidays. It truly a wonderful time of year. 

It’s been foggy and drizzly most of the week this week.  The temperatures have been really cool as well.  This past Monday we had our first light freeze.  I was able to make sure I got our Myer lemon tree inside.  That Myer lemon tree produces the best lemons.  Ben and I are probably going to be using the Myer lemons for our tea that we enjoy having when the weather gets cooler.  I might make some of my banana bread or cookies so we can have a treat with our tea.

Love to you all. May you stay warm and normal during this holiday season.



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