Awesome Week We Have Been Having Fun With Our Games

Hello World Wide Readers,

Ben and I hope you had a wonderful week this week.  Anyway, the plants have been loving this cooler weather.  In fact, we have seen a lot of new growth in the garden.  We are really excited to see it coming in since we did not see anything this summer.

I was able to get the laundry done yesterday which was great.  Ben has been busy making soups since the weather is cooler. We had a nice morning date this morning.  We went to have breakfast at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants and then we drove around and talked as I played Pokémon Go. Work has been really busy for the two of us, so it was nice to spend some time together this weekend.

Ben and I were talking about Christmas gifts today, and he asked me to add items to our Amazon wish list so he could know what I am looking for.  I told him I would do that. I am having difficulty deciding on getting Pokémon figurines to put on my bookshelf.  Ben has lots of figurines for his BattleTech, WH40K, and Star Trek.  So I figure it would be neat to get some of mine.  But then, it would be really fun to wear a Snorlax sweatshirt.  LOL.

Ben was able to go to the range today and then went and played some WH40K tonight. Last night he played BattleTech.  Since getting his figurines painted he has been having a lot of fun playing the games with his friends.  I have been  playing my games on my switch and phone.  Ben is going to look for a Pokémon Card Game arena for me and go with me while I play.  I am pretty excited about that.  Anyway, we hope you all are enjoying the weather and the calm boring lives we all lead.

Stay safe and calm everyone,

Enjoy some Pokémon Art.


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