Gardening, Amazon, Chili and Life

Hello World Wide Readers,

Ben and I have had a normal week. On Saturday I went to go get my hair cut with my mother.  She and I always have fun going and getting our hair done and having lunch together.  Ben stayed home and played some video games and played with the dogs.  On Sunday, I went to my local yarn store to get some yarn and some knitting needles.  Ben came with me and he and I drove around and just enjoyed hanging out together.

Ben made chili this week.  He did an excellent job making it. It gave us two nights worth of food which is perfect for us because it always us to stay home and do our normal routines and relax.  Ben was super sweet and bought me a book that I have been wanting.  He was able to find it on eBay for 32 dollars instead of 452 dollars on Amazon.  I unfortunately had to take back two gift cards that I had sent on Amazon back.  I have cashed them and now have the money on my card.  It was a shame they decided not to collect the cards but it’s ok life go on and we continue down the rode.

This weekend Ben is planning on going to the range and I am going to be celebrating Local Yarn Store day around town at the knitting stores.  I was excited to see a sunflower growing in our back yard.  So Ben and I have decided we are going to take the head of the sunflower when it’s ready to be removed, to remove it and collect the seeds and plant them in the front of the house.  My father has some bushes I want to set across the front of the gates.  So he will be brining me cuttings of his and helping me plant them. Since I am talking about my gardening and the front of the house, I am loving the view from my office today.

Ben has decided not to go to his family reunion. I think that is probably best.  It’s ok though, we will do something fun instead that weekend.  Not sure what it will be yet, but like all our weeks it will be normal but fun because we are together. Look forward to writing you all next week.


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