Hello Cloudy Muggy Wednesday

Hello World Wide Readers,

It is such a blessing to have you all here reading our blog.  We are supper excited to share our boring normal lives with you. Anyway, my mom picked up a part time job to do for fun.  She is working at the gym again and is loving it. It keeps her busy when Dad is out working.  On the days she is not working she takes me to the gym and we workout together.  So I am now doing five days a week, 3 days cardio and 2 days weight lifting.  It’s fun doing this with my mother. She is looking fabulous and is an amazing cancer survivor.

Ben decided to stay home this weekend with me.  It was fun. We relaxed and watched Dr. Strangelove which is a dark comedy that made him and I laugh. I also did some gardening and transferred one of my indoor plants into a bigger pot.  It seems to have taken to the new pot pretty well but we are still waiting.  This weekend I am going to go get my haircut and then we are planning on doing some tidying up.  The puppies are doing great.  They love that I have all the doors open to the house so they can run around and bark at everything.  This week Maxwell was barking at the squirrels in the front yarn and Lola was barking at the squirrels in the back yard.  Nova well was on the daybed just looking like herself.

Nova is such a drama queen.  LOL. She is always about protecting her toys. Anyway, I think I am going to start handwriting letters again.  I am not sure to who yet but Ben through some ideas out to me.  I don’t know I might but either way it will be nice to get back into writing letters again.  It’s been a really long time.

I was able to complete my 50th podcast last week so that was a celebration I had.  I was really excited.  This week will be working our way to 100 which is the next big milestone. I am really excited about it. I was finally able to complete my categorization of my yarn collection which has been a long time coming. Ben’s mom called and thanked him for the Easter card.  It’s been a while but I could tell it made Ben happy to hear from her.  Anyway, we hope you had a great week and we look forward to seeing you next week. Stay safe and boring.


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